Firearms Safety in Ventura County CA

Elite Firearms Training Group is a Ventura County based firearms training business that strives for safety and enjoyment to the firearm community. Founded in 1997 by Refugio Flores, it has grown into a flourishing company that teaches people from all walks of life.

Elite Firearms Training Group provides top-of-the-line instruction in firearm skills and safety from beginner to advanced levels. We're the only firearms instructor in Ventura County that teaches the C.A.R, system, a specialized stance for close-quarter shooting. We teach 1-on-1 instruction as well as group classes, all by appointment. We love to work around your schedule and will work with you with any firearm related questions or concerns.

If you want to visit our shooting range or are interested in our firearms safety classes, call or visit Elite Firearms Training Group in Ventura County for more information.

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  • Dedicated to Teaching Firearm Safety
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