Justin Young Firearms Instructor​

Guns are no easy thing to take care of. They take a lot of discipline as well as some very specific training to handle. Having an untrained person handling a gun could mean potential trouble. That's where our firearms instructor can step in to help.

We offer a variety of different classes, which cover handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Training starts at the shooting range, giving access to our members to shoot their guns. After a few of our classes, we're hoping that you will then expand to other gun classes, such as concealed carry and personal protection courses.

At this point, the gun range could be your playground. We adhere to the competitive and the casual shooters. You will be able to handle guns after our CCW training and handgun training classes and will feel much safer around them. If you are looking for a respected firearms instructor, Contact Justin at (805) 320-7729 justin@elitefirearmstraininggroup.com




Ventura CA.